Starting into a new century of mobility

The solar charging station EIGHT Point.One demonstrates the unique potential of sustainably generated energy for our transport needs. Just like the first petrol stations in the last century, it represents the dawning of a new age in individual mobility.

A new kind of mobility - e-mobility

The solar charging station Point.One makes emission-free mobility part of daily experience in the city and therefore also in society. It provides an attractive solution to the challenging interaction between people, their cars and solar energy.

Distinctive architectural design - this is Point.One

Thanks to its distinctive architectural design, the Point.One solar charging station is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of environments as an individual element of overall corporate design.

Forms inspired by nature - this is Point.One

The design language of the EIGHT Point.One is inspired by natural forms. Soft, fluid transitions integrate the solar and the charging components. And through the complexity of the form and the structured design of the connector system, the user can experience exciting shapes which are different from every perspective.