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12.06.2013 A picture goes global // Arab-German Business Directory

The annual magazine introduces several German counties and their economic strength. One of them is Bavaria. As we have just installed our solar charging station Point.One at Olympiapark Munich, an image of our product is the eyecatcher of the chapter about Bavaria.

14.04.2013 All about products // Mobility 2.0

There are many different charging solutionson the market. The magazine presents in its April edition a selection of different standards, technologies, designs and philosophies. Amongst them: Point.One from EIGHT!

27.03.2013 Hello Austria // Energiebau

The professional journal for energy-efficient building and redevelopment is mainly published in Austria but it also has some German staff. They became aware of the unique design of Point.One and introduce the solar charging station to their readers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

05.03.2013 Pilot Scheme // Mobility 2.0

The spectacular project about the quick charging station in the Olypiapark Munich was covered by many publications. Of course Mobility 2.0 has also reported about the project and decided to use an image of Point.One as the key visual in one of its largest articles.

14.02.2013 Huge company profile // Incento

With many details and a very comprehensive article Incento educates its readers about EIGHT and the solar charging station.

28.01.2013 New Markets // Industrieanzeiger

This highly respected industry magazine was especially interested in the relationship between EIGHT and Prinzing. The article explains how the traditional mechanical engineer and the e-mobility company work together to create Point.One.

21.01.2013 Complex requirements // Neue Mobilität

The magazine of the German Union of e-Mobility (BEMV) publishes articles from and about EIGHT on a regular basis. This text explains which requirements a modern charging station has to accomplish and what the major potential of innovative solutions can be.

08.01.2013 International // Sun, Wind, Energy

The international edition „Sun, Wind, Energy“ introduces the different approaches of several vendors of charging stations. At the end of the article the editor explains to the basic ideas of EIGHT and Point.One to the audience.

12.12.2012 Key to success // Regenerative Energie

Innovative charging stations are crucial for the long term success of e-mobility. EIGHT and the editorial team of Regenerative Energie are sure about that. The article describes the most important scenarios and the factors of success.

12.08.2012 Highlight in absence // Deutsches Architektenblatt

Although EIGHT was not an exhibitor at Intersolar, the editor from Germany´s leading magazine for architects introduces Point.One as a highlight of today´s solar industry.

01.06.2012 EIGHT on the future of mobility // Monocle

A joint project between the global affairs and lifestyle magazine Monocle and BMW i is featuring an interview with Christoph B. Roessner on the future of sustainable transport and the essential role of well designed infrastructure solutions.

27.04.2012 Crowd puller in Hannover // Messe Daily

Even the editors of the daily fair newspaper from “Hannover Messe” got aware of EIGHT and Point.One. The Friday-edition shows a large image of the solar charging station and explains its features as well as the philosophy of EIGHT.

21.04.2012 Point.One as a highlight at Hannover Messe // Die Welt

Prior to “Hannover Messe” the national newspaper “Die Welt” publishes a special edition covering the most innovative and interesting exhibitors. And one of these selected companies is EIGHT with the solar charging station Point.One!

10.04.2012 Emotions and symbols // Neue Mobilität

In an article published in “Neue Mobilität” (New Mobility), the quarterly magazine of the German e-mobility association (Bundesverband Elektromobilität), Christoph B. Roessner explains the relevance and the power of symbols and emotions for e-mobility.

10.02.2012 Point.One as eye catcher // Dreisechsnull

Deutsche Telekom’s business client magazine ‘360’ regularly covers modern technologies and future trends – and thus EIGHT as well. A large picture of the Point.One is one of the eye-catching features of this issue.

15.01.2012 E-mobility and emotions // Neue Mobilität

The German eMobility Association’s magazine ‘Neue Mobilität’ (New Mobility) includes an item on how the further development of electric mobility requires positive emotions, taking the Point.One solar charging station as an example.

15.01.2012 Charging station of the future // Energiespektrum

As a key publication for the energy industry “Energiespektrum” regularly covers fascinating new products. The category “technology/products” introduces Point.One.

29.12.2011 Eventful year for EIGHT // Stuttgarter Zeitung

This Stuttgart newspaper has reported on EIGHT twice within a couple of months. In addition to a look back at a very successful first year in business, the article also previews the next few months.

19.12.2011 World premiere in Munich // MaschinenMarkt

A few weeks after the eCarTec – world’s leading fair for e-mobility – the German magazine “MaschinenMarkt” covers the highlights. These, in particular, include Point.One as a beacon for technology and consistent sustainability.

19.11.2011 EIGHT at eCarTec // Blog of Renault

As a car manufacturer committed to e-mobility, Renault mentions the Point.One solar charging station in its blog, thus covering not just matters within its own immediate sphere of activity but throwing light on a subject outside of it as well.

10.11.2011 World premiere in Munich // Europarking

As media partner of the eCarTec – world’s leading fair for e-mobility – the trade journal “Europarking” covers Point.One’s world premiere in Munich. In doing so, they well-founded describe the charging station’s technical innovations and impressive form.

23.10.2011 EIGHT wins in nationwide competition // Neue Wuerttembergische Zeitung

The business team at the Neue Württembergische Zeitung (New Württemberg Press), which has already reported on EIGHT several times, has published a new article about the company winning the nationwide ‘Vision – E-Mobile City of the Future’ competition.

13.06.2011 The vision of emission-free mobility // Stuttgarter Zeitung

The transformation to emissions-free mobility is directly linked to fundamental changes for the affected industry sectors. A report in the Stuttgarter Zeitung about the exciting new enterprise EIGHT makes clear that this trend also represents an enormous opportunity for established companies as well as new ones.