Mission statement: making energy available for emission-free e-mobility.

The sun provides our entire planet with the energy needed for life – energy that EIGHT transforms into emission-free e-mobility. The technology and design of EIGHT products are distinctive statements for our commitment to sustainability. Our environmentally friendly production uses CO2-free electricity from renewable energy sources only and high-quality materials with exceptional recycling efficiency. The result is a solar charging station that brings together the functional benefits of solar energy for e-mobility and an aesthetically appealing design that can be individually adapted to any requirement.


Thomas Prinzing and Christoph B. Rößner

This was the spirit in which the two managing directors, Thomas Prinzing and Christoph B. Roessner, founded EIGHT GmbH & Co. KG at the beginning of 2011, with a vision to develop and market the solar charging stations of the future. They are both fascinated by new technology and it has inspired them to be bold and pioneering in the development, planning and implementation of their products. Through its partnership and joint production with Kurt Prinzing GmbH & Co. KG, EIGHT is able to access a decade of experience in metal processing. EIGHT is a reliable partner in the area of e-mobility, a partner you can count on and plan with for the long term.


Grundsatz: eine nachhaltige Zukunft gestalten - weil es alle angeht

A sustainable future is a concern for everyone. EIGHT thinks and acts on the basis of this principle, visibly and tangibly for employees and customers. EIGHT develops unique products that have visible added value and which combine functionality with a highly aesthetic design, and sustainability with profitability. They therefore speak to the spirit of a mobile, future-orientated society across the globe. Because people everywhere are realising that we must all pursue the quest for sustainability.


Keeping materials and energy consumption to a minimum thanks to certified production methods.

EIGHT works with leading-edge planning methods that meet specific requirements and individual needs – from digital design directly to manufacture in a state-of-the-art production facility. Detailed planning throughout an organic production chain keeps materials and energy consumption to a minimum. Much of the assembly work takes place in the production facility itself so that only individual units need to be assembled on site. Comprehensive quality management in compliance with DIN ISO standards and continuous optimisation of the manufacturing processes also ensure the efficient production of exceptionally high-quality products.