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Bye bye Mobilityweek, hello Klimagipfel

The European Mobilityweek was celebrated in almost 2000 cities with a huge number of events: concerts, workshops, discussions and several hands-one opportunities.  It was the main goal of the organizers to make people getting excited about sustainable mobility and to make the thinking about how they can be mobile without causing a negative impact on the environment. The planning on local, regional and national level for Mobilityweek 2015 have already begun – the organizers a looking for even better ways to strengthen peoples support for sustainable mobility and to promote new ways of thinking.

Demo at New York

Demo at New York

The end of Mobilityweek 2014 was the start of the UN Climate Summit where 120 heads of state meet in New York. The summit is the biggest meeting of its kind since the Copenhagen Summit. “Every state needs to have a clear vision on how it will contribute to achieve our common goal to stop the climate change”, said UN chief secretary Ban. “The more time we waste now, the more we have to pay in the future.” Most experts do not expect many results from this summit – most insiders hope that New York will have a positive impact on the summits in Lima and Paris where the decision makers will work on a new agreement for 2020 which will force the nations to agree to severe commitments and promises to fight the climate change.

Sustainably sporty – EIGHT participates at Green Sports Alliance Summit

Sports are good for your health, sportsmen are role modells for many people and sport has become economically very important. On that background two years ago the Green Sports Alliance Summit has been established. The goal of the event: Leading experts and decision makers from sport associations, vendors of sports equipment, sports clubs and other stakeholders discuss new ways and innovative concepts that enable professional and semi-professional sports to sustainably improve its life cycle assessment. This year the third Green Sports Alliance Summit took place in one of the most sportive cities of the world, and EIGHT was amongst the participants. Continue reading →

Savings today, debts tomorrow – Pending cuts on climate protection programmes 1

To tighten one´s belt, this motto became very popular within the last few months. No matter if you are talking about Greece, Portugal or now Cyprus: Saving is en vogue all over Europe – for a good reason. After all by reducing the spending we have to avoid that our children and grand children have to fight against an indomitable mountain of depths that gives them hardly any option to shape their own future. Also in Germany cuttings costs and spending is ranked high on the agenda. And there are good reasons for that as well. Of course, as part of this process subsidies and aid money have to be questioned, too. Continue reading →

The car in 2037 – the charging station of tomorrow 1

Usually the website AutoScout24 is not well known for new cars, and especially not for cars of the future. However, a couple of weeks ago the online marketplace for used cars has published a very interesting survey. In the course of the study almost 9.000 people in seven countries – Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain – have been questioned about their wishes and requirements regarding the car of the future. For us especially the questions and answers about design, usability and sustainability are highly relevant.

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Stupendous start – EIGHT gets awarded by Council for Sustainable Development

Starting at full throttle in 2013 – this is how we could describe the first days of this year. Just two weeks after New Year’s Eve we have received a great message from Berlin: EIGHT gets the seal of quality “Werkstatt N” from the Council for Sustainable Development!

The jury has given the annual award to highly innovative and future-orientated ideas and projects for the third time. “The awarded projects symbolise a culture of sustainability that is more than just a philosophy but reality. We need innovative approaches and committed innovators to find new ways of living to create a sustainable society. They are important role models and show people how to live responsibly, how to treat the environment, how to do business and how to treat each other in a sustainable way”, said Marlehn Thieme, chairwoman of the council. Continue reading →

2013 – excitement is just around the corner

To all our partners, friends and supporters of e-mobility,

Just a few days before Christmas and New Year´s Eve it´s time to have a look into the rear view mirror.

  • Did 2012 run the way you´ve expected it to?
  • Did you achieve all your goals?
  • What happened to your New Year´s resolution?

In all likelihood you can look back at a large number of achievements – but there might be still some items left.

However – or maybe especially because of that – now it´s time to define the objectives for 2013, to make plans and to update the omnipresent to-do list. This is exactly what we are doing at the moment. Continue reading →

Bleached out by too much greenwashing? German businesses fail to communicate sustainability

Sustainability reports, CSR managers, eco certificates – all of that seems to be quite useless when looking at the results of a current survey. In one of its latest blog posts WiWo Green reports that 82% of the Germans don´t know a single company which they associate with the term “sustainability”.

Text in clear:  1 out of 5 Germans knows a business that credibly stands for ecology and climate protection as well as social responsibility.

This upshot is even more disappointing when keeping in mind that – on a global scale – the German companies are the trailblazers regarding corporate sustainability. However the PR/CSR/marketing experts seem to fail communicating the commitment and activities of their organisation visibly and believably. Continue reading →

Let the sun shine – Manufacturing utilizing home-made solar power 2

For many years the costs for electricity follow just one direction: upwards. Now we have decided to imitate the costs for electricity and went upstairs as well – on top of the roofs of our offices and production halls that we share with Kurt Prinzing GmbH & Co. KG, one of our closest partners.

On the vast roofage we discovered – besides the Swabian flora and fauna – a lot of space for solar panels. Continue reading →

Legally Green 3

LAVA´s concept for the Green Climate Fund

LAVA´s concept for the Green Climate Fund

What is a symbol? Let´s have a quick look at the all knowing Wikipedia.

“A symbol is something that represents an idea, a process, or a physical entity. The purpose of a symbol is to communicate meaning. For example, a red octagon may be a symbol for “STOP”. On a map, a picture of a tent might represent a campsite. Numerals are symbols for numbers. Personal names are symbols representing individuals. A red rose symbolizes love and compassion.”

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Hotel California – where e-mobility feels like home 2

Thinking about the USA and road traffic most Europeans immediately have three aspects in mind: endless highways, low prices for petrol and fuel-guzzling SUVs with 22 inch aluminum rims. Well, to many prejudices there is a true element, but at least in California e-mobility has reached a state that cannot be missed anymore.

Just a few days ago many experts from the e-mobility industry met at EVS in Los Angeles (Electric Vehicle Symposium) and there were – and still are – several companies all over California that wanted to meet us. What a great opportunity for EIGHT to travel to the Golden State and learn more about the centre of e-mobility in the USA!

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