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In great shape – Volvo strikes a new path with solar charging station

With all respect to the Swedish engineering community: Volvo was never really famous for its dynamic and sweeping design. The team from Gothenburg was much more known for solidity, quality and safety – after all it has been a Volvo that has featured the first three-point seat belt.

But now it was time for another premiere, which pushed Volvo on the front pages of many publications: A foldable and creatively shaped solar charging station for electric cars. Many characteristics and ideas which are part of our solar charging station Point.One can also be found in the concept that was developed by the California-based design company Synthesis Design + Architecture (SDA) for Volvo Italy. Continue reading →

1, 2 … i3 – BMW introduces its first EV to the public

Best things come in small packages … that´s what the English say, and this is apparently also the motto of the decision makers in Munich who are in charge of the launch of the new BMW i3. In last few months several design blueprints have been published. During the introduction of our solar charging station Point.One S in front of BMW Welt three weeks ago the company has presented a close-to-production version of the e-car. A couple of days later several journalists have been invited to do some exclusive test trips with the BMW i3. Following these events the company has announced the prices. Now the first images of the series vehicle have reached the specialized press. Finally, the official event for the presentation is just around the corner! Continue reading →

Mail from Brazil – University of Sao Paolo engages itself in Point.One

Just a couple of days ago we have received an exciting email from South America. The Brazilian architect Wilson Barbosa Neto is working on his master thesis at State University of Campinas. The objects of his studies are the opportunities of digital manufacturing in modern architecture. In the context of his research he has identified two outstanding projects which he wants to investigate in detail: Continue reading →

Approaching e-mobilty holistically – Breaking the petrol lock-in

Plagiarism is out – or completely en vogue? That depends on the point of view. Anyway, we definitely don´t want to conceal that this article bases upon a very clever blog post from Marius Brand, a researcher at Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart. As we are a close partner of Fraunhofer IAO since we have won the “Elektromobile Stadt der Zukunft”-award we are sure that he doesn´t mind.

In the context of the German „Energiewende“, he introduces the term “carbon lock-in”. According to Wikipedia lock-in means that a particular technology or product is dominant, not because its inherent cost is low or superior performance, but because it enjoys the benefits of increasing returns to scale. As a result, decision makers are greatly influenced by the dominance of a product rather than by their preferences for its inherent properties. In deciding about technologies or products decision-makers can become committed to the project before the formal decision to build was taken. The formation of commitment is not necessarily bad, but when commitment turns into lock-in, it has by definition a negative influence on the project performance. Continue reading →

The car in 2037 – the charging station of tomorrow 1

Usually the website AutoScout24 is not well known for new cars, and especially not for cars of the future. However, a couple of weeks ago the online marketplace for used cars has published a very interesting survey. In the course of the study almost 9.000 people in seven countries – Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain – have been questioned about their wishes and requirements regarding the car of the future. For us especially the questions and answers about design, usability and sustainability are highly relevant.

Continue reading →

Stupendous start – EIGHT gets awarded by Council for Sustainable Development

Starting at full throttle in 2013 – this is how we could describe the first days of this year. Just two weeks after New Year’s Eve we have received a great message from Berlin: EIGHT gets the seal of quality “Werkstatt N” from the Council for Sustainable Development!

The jury has given the annual award to highly innovative and future-orientated ideas and projects for the third time. “The awarded projects symbolise a culture of sustainability that is more than just a philosophy but reality. We need innovative approaches and committed innovators to find new ways of living to create a sustainable society. They are important role models and show people how to live responsibly, how to treat the environment, how to do business and how to treat each other in a sustainable way”, said Marlehn Thieme, chairwoman of the council. Continue reading →

2013 – excitement is just around the corner

To all our partners, friends and supporters of e-mobility,

Just a few days before Christmas and New Year´s Eve it´s time to have a look into the rear view mirror.

  • Did 2012 run the way you´ve expected it to?
  • Did you achieve all your goals?
  • What happened to your New Year´s resolution?

In all likelihood you can look back at a large number of achievements – but there might be still some items left.

However – or maybe especially because of that – now it´s time to define the objectives for 2013, to make plans and to update the omnipresent to-do list. This is exactly what we are doing at the moment. Continue reading →

Bleached out by too much greenwashing? German businesses fail to communicate sustainability

Sustainability reports, CSR managers, eco certificates – all of that seems to be quite useless when looking at the results of a current survey. In one of its latest blog posts WiWo Green reports that 82% of the Germans don´t know a single company which they associate with the term “sustainability”.

Text in clear:  1 out of 5 Germans knows a business that credibly stands for ecology and climate protection as well as social responsibility.

This upshot is even more disappointing when keeping in mind that – on a global scale – the German companies are the trailblazers regarding corporate sustainability. However the PR/CSR/marketing experts seem to fail communicating the commitment and activities of their organisation visibly and believably. Continue reading →

Let the sun shine – Manufacturing utilizing home-made solar power 2

For many years the costs for electricity follow just one direction: upwards. Now we have decided to imitate the costs for electricity and went upstairs as well – on top of the roofs of our offices and production halls that we share with Kurt Prinzing GmbH & Co. KG, one of our closest partners.

On the vast roofage we discovered – besides the Swabian flora and fauna – a lot of space for solar panels. Continue reading →

Facts, facts, facts – market survey encourages our team 2

Most people have heard of the “Lucky Punch” – when the inferior boxer suddenly wins the fight with a single random punch that knocks out his opponent.

We have made another decision – and we have chosen not to rely on the lucky punch but to succeed by employing a different means: strategy. For this reason our business plan bases upon a profound breakdown of the market which is getting updated on a regular basis. In addition we are monitoring several studies and research projects from different companies, associations and institutions so we can adjust our strategy according to new circumstances and long term trends.

So far, so good

Now it is time to take the next step. That means we will refine our basic strategy to approach several countries and industries in a much more tailored way. Consequently we don´t go for the lucky punch – we go for the latest information about the market that help us finding answers to all our specific questions, e.g. Continue reading →