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Mobilità elettrica meets dolce vita

To be honest: When we are thinking about Italy and traffic, the associations that firstly come to our minds are full of prejudices … chaos, speeding, scooters. We would hardly mention the word e-mobility when talking about the nation with the – for Germans – apparently unbeatable soccer team.

However, even in the country of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati e-mobility manages to gain more and more attention in the public. That is why our conversations with businesspeople and local politicians who we have just met on a several days lasting trip to South Tyrol and Milan were very positive. The meetings and events in northern Italy even included a conversation with a city councilor of Milano, and have been organized by the German chamber of foreign trade and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology. Just a few weeks before the latest trip we have already been on a similar journey, making interesting contacts in Turin. Continue reading →