The project: Strong partners for e-mobility

E-Mobility is a hot topic in Germany. However, not much research has been done to learn more about the infrastructure which is necessary for an e-mobile future. This is going to change now: The sample project “Elektromobilität verbindet Bayern-Sachsen” includes many exciting initiatives. One of them has a strong focus on charging stations.

Due to this initiative EIGHT will cooperate with strong partners like ABB, BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn, RWE, the University of Bamberg, the Federal Defense University of Munich and the Dresden University of Technology. On the occasion of the project “DC-charging station at Olympiapark” a Combined Charging System-station will be installed in near proximity to BMW Welt. Thereby EIGHT and the partners play an important role to create an effective experience for the public that still needs to be inspired and convinced about e-mobility.

The scheduled Olympiapark-DC-charging station will be the crosspoint that connects electric cars, metropolitan public transport, electric bikes as well as short and long distance traffic. The location guarantees a huge number of passers-by and a lot of attention. This is a great pre-condition to address many potential users and to encourage many people to give e-mobility a chance. This will also help to gain scientifically relevant findings.

BMW Welt04

Point.One on BMW Welt

As a result of the project new and innovative DC-charging stations that employ electric energy from renewable resources will be installed. That´s why the partners plan to present a solar charging station that stands out, communicates a “green” message and that comes with a remarkable recognition value. As the charging station is a significant element of the e-mobility system that means continuous sustainability, the design of the facility has to symbolize responsibility, modernity and eco friendliness.

The charge columns come with system for booking and clearance that also delivers information about the energy balance. In addition the users get informed about the current range of the battery. For long distance journeys the user receives a charging strategy that shows where, when and for how long the battery needs to be charged to arrive at the destination in time and risk-free. On top of that there will be an ideas competition to get suggestions for innovative business models that enable a profitable operation of charging stations.

Our contribution: Development, planning and manufacturing

A major itemt of the project will be the solar charging station Point.One, an entity that joins shape and function that represents central elements of BMW Welt´s architecture. Due to the direct coupling of renewable energies and e-mobility in a trendsetting design, which gets implemented by the latest and highly innovative technologies, the solar charging station will become a visible symbol with a unique recognition value.

BMW Welt in München

Point.One S at BMW Welt

EIGHT´s latest and sustainable manufacturing system and a parametric digital product planning are the ideal pre-conditions to generate individual shapes and unique designs hat match the architecture of the surroundings. The DC-charging station will blend in BMW Welt perfectly and achieve the intended impression.

To strengthen that effect EIGHT will also develop an electric lighting concept that bases upon LEDs and that supports the interaction between the solar charging station and the users.

For instance when approaching the solar charging station the coloring and the brightness of the LEDs can change. In addition to this the LEDs can send a visible sign about the status of the station – e.g. “booked” or “available”.

Another platform for interaction will be a user interface which bases upon an interactive desktop. This terminal enables the identification of the user and the selection of the charging strategy. Additionally the touch screen provides a central operation and communications element that delivers relevant information such as infotainment and edutainment applications. The platform delivers pre-trip information including all relevant features like a range monitor. EIGHT and its partners also want to use the interface to display and to test different business models that are the result of a business plan competition.

To make the use of the touch screen user-friendly and to motivate people to use the applications of the information platform EIGHT will develop an innovative user interface. By doing this EIGHT wants to create a exciting and joyful access to the overall system of e-mobility and to connect e-mobility with positive emotions. On these grounds EIGHT cooperates with one of the world wide leading colleges.

EIGHT´s contribution at a glance:

  • Development of a solar charging station that blends the architecture of the surroundings
  • Implementation of the primal design, integration of the charging technology and the user interface
  • Manufacturing of a prototype and the solar charging station
  • Development and execution of an intuitive user interface

The goals: Presenting, positioning and testing

The overall objective consists of three elements: bringing e-mobility to life for the public, communicating the fascination of e-mobility and reducing the fear of a lack of range.

By the cooperation of leading representatives of science, research and business in Germany the partners aim to give a relevant contribution to the implementation of a reliable and attractive e-mobility infrastructure. The knowhow and the companionship of the partners will help to make e-mobility ready for today´s needs and create essential findings for science and research. During the project the partners also want to investigate the behavior and acceptance by the users. A range monitor will help to develop new charging strategies and approaches for long distance traffic and e-mobility.

BMW Welt in München

Point.One S at BMW Welt in Munich

In addition several business models for a DC-charging station will be tested and evaluated to make sure that in the near future e-mobility will be an economically reliable and profitbale system.

The project aims to find answers to the following questions and challenges:

  • Installation and testing of a demonstrator for DC-charging that bases upon a Combined Charging System
  • Development and operation of a solar charging station and an information desktop
  • Investigation of the user acceptance of the Combined Charging System, the solar charging station and DC-charging
  • Pre-trip information for DC-long distance traffic on A9 Autobahn that links Munich and Leipzig
  • Reduction of the fear of a lack of range by implementing a range monitor
  • Ideas competition to evaluate innovative business models for DC-charging
  • Connecting short distance and long distance traffic by „e Call a Bike“ and „Park and eBike“.
  • Clarifying the legal frame conditions for organizations that intend to run a DC-charging station