Bye bye Mobilityweek, hello Klimagipfel

The European Mobilityweek was celebrated in almost 2000 cities with a huge number of events: concerts, workshops, discussions and several hands-one opportunities.  It was the main goal of the organizers to make people getting excited about sustainable mobility and to make the thinking about how they can be mobile without causing a negative impact on the environment. The planning on local, regional and national level for Mobilityweek 2015 have already begun – the organizers a looking for even better ways to strengthen peoples support for sustainable mobility and to promote new ways of thinking.

Demo at New York

Demo at New York

The end of Mobilityweek 2014 was the start of the UN Climate Summit where 120 heads of state meet in New York. The summit is the biggest meeting of its kind since the Copenhagen Summit. “Every state needs to have a clear vision on how it will contribute to achieve our common goal to stop the climate change”, said UN chief secretary Ban. “The more time we waste now, the more we have to pay in the future.” Most experts do not expect many results from this summit – most insiders hope that New York will have a positive impact on the summits in Lima and Paris where the decision makers will work on a new agreement for 2020 which will force the nations to agree to severe commitments and promises to fight the climate change.

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