Solar charging station ready for use

The first model of the solar charging station Point.One S has just been installed right in front of the entrance of BMW Welt and is ready for use. The station was developed and manufactured by EIGHT and is part of a national program for the development and spreading of e-mobility in Germany. The combination of renewable energies and e-mobility supported by a trend-setting design which has become reality with the help of sustainable technologies makes Point.One S a string symbol for environmentally friendly e-mobility with an outstanding recognition value.

The manufacturing system, which has recently been developed by EIGHT, is very material efficient. This system and the parametric digital product planning are the ideal conditions to create unique designs which integrate perfectly with the architecture of the surroundings. The solar charging station and its organic shape chime in perfectly with the design of BMW Welt. A typical element of Point.One S is the great usability. An intelligent system of LEDs does not only support the appearance of the station but is also a tool that supports the interaction between the station and the user.

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