Road to Munich – Point.One S ready for departure

Let´s go. The solar charging station Point.One S is ready for pick-up. The Team in Suessen has completed the final steps. One of them was to attach the water-bearing layer of Markolon to the construction. Makrolon is a very resilient and weatherproof Polycarbonate which can cope with extreme temperatures, UV radiation and even aggressive chemicals. On top of that layer the team has then installed the solar panels which will generate the electricity that is going to charge the electric vehicles at BMW Welt in Munich.

Another very important element is the illumination of the roof of the solar charging station. It is not just key to the design but it fulfills one more relevant task: The illumination will help symbolizing the status of the station – booked, occupied or available – which will be easily recognizable even from a far distance. From a technological point of view EIGHT relies on durable and very energy efficient LED-elements for the solar charging station. Some of the LEDs will be implemented in a way to brighten up the area under the roof of the station so it can be used securely and convenient even at night.

One more crucial element that bases on LED-technology is the integrated LED-displays that serves as a management panel for the station. The large screen is also an info terminal for value added services and enables the info- and edutainment applications. During the development process of the applications for the interactive display the team was focused on coming with a easy and highly intuitive usability that allows the user to get an easy access to the world of e-mobility and that encourages the people to experience the technology.

Finally the roof got attached to the stand of the station and to the ready-mixed concrete grounding. It substitutes time consuming preparations at the location, reduces the installation time and minimizes the impact on the local architecture and infrastructure at the main entrance of BMW Welt. Now we only have to wrap-up the solar charging station to make it ready for transportation before it´s getting on its way to Munich. At BMW Welt all it takes is a small crane to put the station at the right place – and it will be ready to use in less than a day!

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