Solar charging station is getting into shape – Structure of Point.One S completed

Another important step towards BMW Welt in Munich is accomplished. After the individual elements have been cut to size, the aluminum blades get sorted according to the assembly group specific principle. Thus the elements can be allocated quickly, easily and perfectly for the montage of the structure.

In this context the Poka Yoke concept plays an important role. The Japanese expression Poka Yoke depicts a principle which consists of several elements and which follows technical precautions and setups to immediately discover and avoid mistakes. In the case of the solar charging station Point.One S this means that every element gets individually defined to only fit a single pre-defined position. This avoids mistakes during the assembly process and makes the erection of the solar charging station relatively simple and very efficient.

During the montage of the structure a spectacular characteristic of the solar charging station becomes a reality: The principle of the construction enables the creation of structures consisting of almost randomly double bent design surfaces although existing just of plane blades. This is possible because of the elastic deformation of the single plane blades that forces the individual elements into an organic shape. The effect of this fitting gets enabled by specific notches in the construction. Stability and safety of the structure get provided by specifically developed gusset plates which play an important role for the highly flexible contouring of Point.One S. Besides the creative freedom this approach comes with another huge advantage: Even very complex, geometrically almost random shapes can be achieved in a very efficient way. Without this the industrial production of Point.One would be very effortful.

The clou of the construction of the solar charging station, which is basically a biaxial bent surface, is based in two elements:  One is the utilization of the elastic characteristics of the chosen material to get the plane blades into any shape with just little exertion of force. The other is the definition of a knot that allows to connect and to locate the single elements of the whole.

Soon we will add the water-bearing layer and the solar modules.

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