Greener than Greenpeace expects – Research proves good environmental balance of electric cars

Facts or fantasy? The questions regarding the real environmental benefits of electric cars divide experts all over the world. Now, Martin Seiwert, US-correspondent of the German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche, a journalist who has already reported a lot on e-mobility, gives some insights regarding a very revealing research study from California.

The consulting firm Automotive Science Group (ASG) from Santa Rosa is well known for its sophisticated environmental balances. The studies consist of over 40 classification numbers to find out how environmentally friendly, efficient and socially acceptable cars are. The analysis covers not only the production process but also the use of the cars and their disposal.

Website of WiWo

Website of WiWo

With their study the researchers touch a hotly disputed topic because many experts are convinced that electric cars are not more environmentally friendly than efficient diesel or petrol consuming cars. Their argument: The fact, that electric cars donĀ“t have a CO2 emitting exhaust is not as relevant as the question where the electricity is coming from and how environmentally acceptable the production process of the batteries is. Even the ecological crusaders from Greenpeace share these doubts and are very skeptical about electric cars.

Facts prove it: electric cars are the greenest

In general, the arguments of the skeptics are right, but on the other hand the results of the latest ASG ranking give a clear message: electric cars and hybrids beat conventional cars regarding their environmental balance!

Logo of ASG

Logo of ASG

The ranking also confirms long term comparisons which have been published during the last couple of months and show that electric cars are highly environmentally acceptable. These results are even more remarkable considering the fact that there is just a small number of really good e-cars, the infrastructure is still weak, the recycling of the batteries is still uncertain and the switch from conventionally produced electricity to power from renewable resources has just begun.

However, one thing is clear and also the conclusion of Martin Seiwert: The bigger the ratio of renewable energies in the overall power mix is, the more environmentally friendly are electric cars. This is why we are putting more and more effort in our goal to develop our solar charging stations Point.One and Point.One S towards flexible solutions that meet all the demands of our customers. The more solar charging stations become part of the infrastructure, the more positive gets the environmental balance of electric cars and the bigger gets the acceptance of e-mobility in our society.

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