i3 meets Point.One – We rely on the e-car from Bavaria

The Swabian-Bavarian rivalry manifests itself for decades in conflicts like “Oktoberfest vs. Cannstatter Wasen”, VfB Stuttgart vs. FC Bayern München” and “Bavarian veil sausage vs. Swabian pockets”. And, last but not least, the evergreen „ Daimler & Porsche or Audi & BMW“! Especially the last question has become a real question of faith.

Nevertheless we have decided to have a look across the Swabian borders towards Bavaria when looking for an electric car that perfectly matches to us and our approach. Our search was finally successful when we discovered the final version of the BMW i3 in Munich. How great our solar charging station Point.One and the BMW i3 match became clear at our joined event at the BMW Headquarters in July 2013.

BMW i3 EIGHT Süßen

The i3 with our logo

Now, we did the next step. Instead of petrol or diesel the new company car from EIGHT relies 100% on an electric engine. This is (one of the many things) the BMW i3 offers – and it´s an excellent engine. The electromotor of the i3 is perfectly designed for urban traffic and comes with 170 PS and a turning moment of 250Nm. The full turning moment is available – typically for electric engines – as soon as you step on the accelerator. This results in amazing acceleration: It only takes less than four seconds to get from 0 to 60 km/h and 100 km/h are a reality after just 7,2 seconds.

Design, Innovation and Emotions

Besides the “Freude am Fahren” – (“Enjoy Driving” – the corporate slogan of BMW) – the BMW i3 offers so much more, which is why it matches so perfectly with EIGHT and our solar charging station Point.One. If you take a look at the media coverage about the BMW i3 you will find all keywords and descriptions that we have considered when developing Point.One: “re-invent urban mobility”, “sustainable driving”, “visionary design”, “intelligent and convenient” …to just mention a few.

Since a couple of days the BMW i3 is now a daily guest on our company´s car park – and BMW has not promised too much. The car is really good fun and the perfect proof that e-mobility is not only the future but also – and already – today´s reality. To make the car a real agent of EIGHT we have put our logo and a QR-code on it so people who´s attention gets attracted by the car will have a look at us and our solar charging stations, because Point.One and BMW i3: That is a perfect match!

BMW i3

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