Survey verifies: e-mobility needs public charging stations to succeed

An interesting study on behalf of the US software company Recargo unveils that 80 percent of 4.000 respondents mainly charge their electric vehicles at public charging stations – much more often than at their domestic power plug. The owners of e-cars want to charge their vehicles not only at home but also on the go when travelling to distant destinations. In a current article the German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche reports on the study and the impact of its findings on the industry. 


Charging stations in the USA

Two premieres have caught a lot of attention in the last few months: the presentation of the new Tesla Model X and the launch of the BMW i3 – the all electricity car from one of the most famous the German car manufacturers. For both companies these cars are incredibly important projects because so far EVs from other vendors have not been very popular amongst the motorists. The study indicates that one of the reasons could be the insufficient infrastructure of charging stations. At the moment there are not more than 3.000 public charging stations in Germany. According to experts there need to be up to 150.000 charging stations in 2020 to allow a level of e-mobility that equals the level of mobility today.

Besides the amount and availability of charging stations the speed of the charging processes has a huge impact on the acceptance of e-mobility, too. There is a huge potential in fast charging stations (DC / CSS) which is just implemented in a small number of charging stations. According to the study only 3 percent of the 12.000 charging stations in the US allow fast charging.

Recognizing the demand

model S

Tesla Model S interior

That is why we have decided one year ago to join forces with leading businesses like BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn and RWE as well as with the University of Bamberg, University of Armed Forces Munich and TU Dresden. Together with these partners we intend to install a fast charging station near the BMW Welt in Munich.

An important element of the project is our new solar charging station Point.One S – a solution that combines design and functionality and perfectly matches the architecture of the spectacular BMW Welt. It is our and our partners` goal to make e-mobility attractive to a huge number of people and to enthuse the public for e-mobility. We intend to lower the skepticism regarding the range of e-cars and want to awake the fascination of e-mobility. As the new charging station is mainly using renewable energy which was generated by the solar panels in the roof of Point.One S the carbon foot print of fast charging is reduced to a minimum. The installation in Munich will be the kick-off for a long lasting expansion of the e-mobility infrastructure and encourage more people to switch to e-mobility.

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