Business plan competition E-future: Team E-Taxi 12 A+++ settles the race

On behalf of the e-mobility project “ELEKTROMOBILITÄT VERBINDET” the University of Technology Dresden has been searching business models for the profitable operation of fast charging stations. To find the best ideas the researchers have initiated the business plan competition “E-future”. We have already reported about this competition of ideas several times in our blog. Now it was time for the finals: Four teams have presented their final concepts at the BMW factory Leipzig on November 28th.

The jury embodied a lot of expertise from the world of automotive engineering, business, e-mobility and sustainability. Amongst the experts were Dr. Cosmas Asam (BMW AG), Christian Heep (Bundesverband eMobilität e.V.), Alexander Holst (Accenture GmbH) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie (InnoZ GmbH). After the jury has spent some time on discussing the decision was announced: Team E-Taxi 12 A+++ from Ostfalia College of Applied Science is the winner of the business plan competition. The second place was awarded to Team Green Reload from HWR Berlin. Team ZEUS from TU Munich became third, Team Vitamin DC from TU Dresden was ranked fourth.

Die idea of the winners in a nutshell: „When you have a look at single taxi ranks you very often see a large number of taxis waiting for passengers. This time could be used smart for charging the batteries of electric taxis. Depending on the time of the day the waiting time can easily be 15 minutes which is enough to charge a battery at least to a good level. The locations for the charging stations should be train stations, airports and hospitals. Another focus should be put on ambulance services. There are a lot of kilometers in that area that could be travelled electrically. This market has huge potential.”

The winning team receives 2.500 Euros, the winner of the second prize 1.500 Euros. The teams that became third and fourth were awarded 500 Euros each.

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