Turning a demonstrator into a ready-to-work solar charging station – Production preparations for Point.One S at BMW Welt are getting closed

Several weeks ago we have presented the first demonstrator of our new solar charging station Point.One S to the public in front of BMW Welt in Munich. Now we are ready for the next step: On the basis of the demonstrator we have successfully finalized the production preparations. Hence in the next couple of days we can start the manufacturing process of our custom-tailored solar charging station.

A crucial requirement for the start of our production preparations was the approval of a design that was specifically developed to meet the high demands of the BMW Welt and the Olympiapark Munich. In co-operation with our partners we have succeeded to develop an architecture that matches perfectly with the technical and aesthetic standards of the surroundings and which equals the brand language of BMW.

On basis of the chosen design we have started the construction planning and the static calculations as well as several optimizations. As the whole concept of Point.One basis on a parametric planning process we have managed to fulfill these tasks in a highly direct and efficient way.

In the meantime all relevant parameters have been integrated within the final production dataset and can now be transmitted directly to all machines that are necessary for the manufacturing process. Shortly the aluminum blades for the supporting framework will be cut on our triple-axis Trumpf laser machine. The aluminum blades will then be assembled according to our self developed and patented push-fit system – just like a huge 3D puzzle. Due to this system we are able to achieve the distinctive and organic shape of the solar charging station Point.One S.

The cladding and the skin of the roof consists of a Makrolon which was developed in co-operation with Bayer Material Science. The cutting of the single parts is made by a water jet cutter and a CNC-controlled milling machine.

Within the next few weeks we will keep you posted regarding the progress of the production and the individual process actions in detail.

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