Cutting edge – The production proceeds

Our new solar charging station which will be installed next to the BMW Welt is now getting a reality … step by step. Since the planning of the manufacturing process has been finalized, we have started the production together with our partner, the highly experienced Kurt Prinzing GmbH & Co. KG.

One of the first and most important steps is the cutting of the aluminum blades and the aluminum fixing nodes. This was executed on a triple-axis Trumpf laser machine. Therefore the units have been intelligent nested on the aluminum sheet in a way that allowed us to reduce the amount of waste. By doing that we could reduce costs and minimize the environmental burden due to the efficient usage of the material.

The characteristic of Point.One S: Every part has its individual size and shape. This allows us to use our plug-in system to erect a solar charging station which impresses people by its unique organic shape.

To make sure the assembly of Point.One S happens quickly and errorless, every part gets engraved an individual ID-number. Hence each single part can get allocated correctly – no risk of any confusion. Prior to this step the burr of the parts had to be processed with a high pressure water jet.

The aluminum we use gets even employed in the aircraft industry due to its outstanding quality and unique features. And on top of that: To make sure the construction gets maximum protection from environmental impact the material got an anodic coating prior to the cutting process. The coating is available in different colors. For the solar charging station at BMW Welt we have chosen a white-grey color.

As a result of this the surface of Point.One S gets an optical and haptic effect that reminds people of the Apple Mac Book. It also enables a look & feels that harmonizes perfectly with the corporate design of BMW. Definitely not a bad choice!

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