Sustainably sporty – EIGHT participates at Green Sports Alliance Summit

Sports are good for your health, sportsmen are role modells for many people and sport has become economically very important. On that background two years ago the Green Sports Alliance Summit has been established. The goal of the event: Leading experts and decision makers from sport associations, vendors of sports equipment, sports clubs and other stakeholders discuss new ways and innovative concepts that enable professional and semi-professional sports to sustainably improve its life cycle assessment. This year the third Green Sports Alliance Summit took place in one of the most sportive cities of the world, and EIGHT was amongst the participants.

More than 600 guests and 80 speakers met in New York City to have a close look at several topics where sports and sustainability are tight together very closely. Hence subjects like new energy concepts for big sports venues have been part on the agenda as well as ideas for environmentally transportation of spectators from and to stadiums and coliseums. These and many more topics have been discussed in workshops, roundtables and keynotes

Renewable energies for stadiums

One of the highlights was the trips to impressive sports venues like the Red Bull Arena, the Metlife Stadium, Citifield and the Barclays Center. The participants had the chance to take a look behind the curtain and learn more about the efficient usage of energy and the detailed analysis of energy consumption in highly complex buildings. Of course the integration of solar power and other sustainable energy sources was also part of the excursion.

Metlife Stadium


One single number already shows how important that topic is: 70% of all CO2-emissions in professional sports are the result of spectators and sportsmen travelling to and from the venues.

Besides the technical aspects other perspectives have been investigated, too. This includes the impact of visibly sustainable behavior on the value of (sports) brands. Also the effect of sustainable behavior on sponsors and the impact of sports on society have been discussed on a very professional and international level.

E-mobility and sports

In many conversations the team from EIGHT got exciting feedback for Point.One and the concept of the solar charging station from other participants. A large number of experts recognized the huge value of the symbolic power of the solar charging station and its potential to be a highly positive ambassador for clubs and sponsors. Especially marketing and communications experts agree that the integrated touch screen is an ideal platform for advertisement and interaction.



On top of this according to many experts the role of e-mobility must not be underestimated. Especially for the transportation of people and goods in and around sports venues emissions-free e-mobility which is facilitated by Point.One is the perfect solution. Most participants of the Green Sports Alliance Summit agreed that EIGHT´s technology and approach can be the right answer.

More information about the event and the Green Sports Alliance can be found at the website and in Facebook.

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