After the event is before the event – The consortium meets in Bamberg

The City of Bamberg is known for its beer tradition and its historic city which is an UNESCO world cultural heritage. In addition to this the University of Bamberg is an active partner of the e-mobility initiative “Elektromobilität verbindet” (e-mobility connects). This is why the partners of the project “DC-Ladestation im Olympiapark” (DC-charging station at Olympiapark) came together in Bamberg for the latest consortium meeting.

After the opening of the quick charging station, that bases upon ABB-technology, on July 4th, the partners are now preparing to finalise the next milestones. To make sure the project is making permanent progress there is one consortium meeting each quarter. These meetings are the platform for updates, discussions and agreements on the next steps that need to be taken to make the project a success. To get to know each other better the meetings are hosted by one partner once a time.. In addition there are telephone conferences on a monthly basis.

Part of the agenda in Bamberg was a short explication of CCS (Combined Charging Standard). In this context BMW gave a first prospect on the future world of charging plugs. Also a first demonstrator of the range monitor and the charging strategy tool were been presented to the audience. In order to calculate an ecological and efficient route for e-motorists highly complex algorithms base upon traffic and weather data as well as on the workload of the charging stations.

Additionally, the University of Bamberg informed about some exciting findings of its first user survey that investigates people´s attitude, experiences and expectations regarding fast charging. Finally it was our turn and we presented a first concept of our innovative user interface design for the touch screen. It bases upon a new user guidance concept and facilitates the integration of value added services.

The next consortium meeting is hosted by the University of Dresden.

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