Fast-charging station at BMW Welt newly opened

In the context of a research project which is part of the showcase region Bavaria-Saxony “ELEKTROMOBILITÄT VERBINDET” initiative ABB, the BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn, EIGHT, RWE, the University of Bamberg, the German Armed Forces University on Munich and Dresden Technical University have activated the new DC-fast-charging station at BMW Welt on July 4th.

Harald Krüger, Chief Manufacturing Officer at BMW Group, was approaching the charging station with a pilot production version of the BMW i3 with almost empty batteries and then connected the e-car with the fast-charging station. Due to the new charging technology the BMW i3 can be charged up to 80% within less than 30 minutes.

The Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs Martin Zeil welcomed the guests, media and partners and emphasized how important and successful the co-operation between the partners – amongst them EIGHT – has been. “Only if all relevant stakeholders work together the establishment of this future technology will happen. In this respect that project is a perfect model: Each of the eight partners focuses on a certain aspect and delivers a crucial contribution to advance electric mobility as a whole.”

The system from ABB which was activated on July 4th is based on the new IEC Standard 61851-23 / Combined Charging System (CCS). RWE Effizienz, being a pioneer in charging-technology, will build the second CSS-fast-charging station and will connect this technology to the IT-system.

In addition to the fast-charging station with ABB-technology the eyes of the participants and guests have mainly been set on the demonstrator of the new solar charging station from EIGHT. The new model Point.OneS is especially designed to charge one electric car which makes the station suitable for businesses and for private households. As this version is smaller than the first model of Point.One it can be integrated even easier with the architecture of its surrounding. The demonstrator of Point.One S which has been presented in front of BMW Welt will be slightly modified by the end of this year and contain solar panels and a highly intelligent user interface. Currently EIGHT and the University for Design of Schwaebisch Gmuend are working together on a new concept which makes it very easy and convenient to use the solar charging station.

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