1, 2 … i3 – BMW introduces its first EV to the public

Best things come in small packages … that´s what the English say, and this is apparently also the motto of the decision makers in Munich who are in charge of the launch of the new BMW i3. In last few months several design blueprints have been published. During the introduction of our solar charging station Point.One S in front of BMW Welt three weeks ago the company has presented a close-to-production version of the e-car. A couple of days later several journalists have been invited to do some exclusive test trips with the BMW i3. Following these events the company has announced the prices. Now the first images of the series vehicle have reached the specialized press. Finally, the official event for the presentation is just around the corner!

The launch of the first pure electric vehicle from BMW is definitely an important impulse for e-mobility in Germany. This is one of the reasons why we have been waiting for the BMW i3 with huge excitement. At the same time the launch of BMW i3 is a serious endorsement of our philosophy as there is much more than just the technical aspect of e-mobility that BMW i3 and Point.One S have in common.

BMW i3

BMW i3

Headword design: With the i3, BMW is discovering new ground from a design´s point of view – just like we do with our solar charging station. Although several typical elements of BMW´s design can be found at the i3, the new e-car embodies a completely new kind of vehicle which is getting underlined by its design. Watch this video!

More than just a new car

Headword lifestyle: With the launch of BMW i3 the car manufacturer redefines its understanding of lifestyle. In the past the company has mainly addressed sporty drivers – “Freude am Fahren”. Now BMW is going to introduce a different approach to lifestyle.  Urbanity, sustainability, delight for innovations … there are many parallels to our philosophy. One thing is especially remarkable: In the future the understanding of the word “premium” will be defined much more about sustainability.

Headword integration: The BMW i3 is an integral element of new considerations of BMW regarding mobility. At the latest sample project „Elektromobilität verbindet Bayern-Sachsen” the company has co-operated with many different partners to investigate mobility in a broad context. Part of that are new sales approaches. Apparently BMW plans to promote and sell the i3 much more via the online channels than any other car before. With additional mobility services BMW also wants to redefine the understanding of individual mobility.

The charging unit

The charging uni

Our approach, that regards e-mobility as a complex system with many different elements – energy supply, business models, communication, design, manufacturing – fits perfectly to the new BMW philosophy.

The clock is ticking

At the end of the month the curtain will fall. The first feedback of the specialized journalists have been mainly positive, and even sceptic experts comment friendly on the announced price of the e-car. The signs for a successful product launch are positive. We wish good luck to our partners in Munich and we hope that the BMW i3 will be the starting point of another success for BMW and e-mobility as a whole.

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