Real science – University of Bamberg researches design of Point.One

The requirements of the design of Point.One are incredibly high – especially because of the unique architecture of BMW-Welt and the Olympiapark Munich which are in close proximity of our solar charging station. In addition according to many experts the aesthetics of the solar charging station is an essential condition for the acceptance by the users.

For these reasons EIGHT and the University of Bamberg are working together closely in the context of the e-mobility project “DC-charging station at Olympiapark”. The vendor of the solar charging station and the scientists aim to combine and evaluate innovative design with the latest research methods.

The Institute of Psychology and Methodology combines fundamental research and applied research which makes the team an ideal partner to work with.

Therefore the scientists of the research group „Ergonomics, Aesthetics and Design“ of the University of Bamberg utilize the Repeated Evaluation Technique (RET) and the multi-dimensional implicit association test (md-IAT).

RET is a good method to identify the dynamics of liking during a certain period: Does an innovative design stay attractive or will people get bored by it after a certain time? Do people have to think about the design intensively or does the design attract them immediately? On the basis of the changes on the scale the scientist can measure if an innovative design will stay popular.

By utilizing md-IAT the researchers can notify assessments of designs which people are not even aware of. This is very helpful because the fact that very often people like / dislike designs because their environment expects a certain opinion is a major learning of aesthetics research. The md-IAT allows to measure authentic and intuitive judgements about designs which do not depend on what people expect to be socially requested.

The joint project has developed quickly within the last few weeks and we are very excited to see the results and conclusions of our partners from the University of Bamberg.

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