Mail from Brazil – University of Sao Paolo engages itself in Point.One

Just a couple of days ago we have received an exciting email from South America. The Brazilian architect Wilson Barbosa Neto is working on his master thesis at State University of Campinas. The objects of his studies are the opportunities of digital manufacturing in modern architecture. In the context of his research he has identified two outstanding projects which he wants to investigate in detail:

Professor Gabriela Celani is supporting his work. She is the well know Head of Research and Education at LAPAC (Laboratory for Automation and Prototyping for Architecture and Construction). The University of Sao Paolo ist he second best rated institution of its kind in South America and belongs to the global Top 50 universities which are not older than 50 years.

LAPAC was founded in 2007 by the Department of Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design. Since then the laboratory investigates the fast production of prototypes and how digital manufacturing processes can help to organize the processes of design and production more flexibly and efficiently.

Inspired by the solar charging station

In his work Wilson Barbosa Neto focuses on digital manufacturing processes and how they can be adapted by architects. That is why he is very interested in the unique design and the patent-pending manufacturing process of our solar charging station Point.One. To learn more about the station and to get more insights, he contacted EIGHT after he had met with Alexander Rieck from L.A.V.A. in Stuttgart.


Website of the University

On YouTube you can find a video about Wilson´s research and development work. In addition some more interesting projects of the laboratory are getting presented at the website of LAPAC.


Website of the department

Of course our team will support his work and we are very proud that even experts in South America have heard about EIGHT and got interested in our solar charging station which becomes more and more an element of modern urban architecture. We are now arranging several documents, plans, design and concepts for Wilson and send our input all the way to Sao Paolo. Adios!

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