Business plan competition e-Future: the end of phase 1

The slogan of the business plan competition of the TU Dresden sounds very promising: „e-mobility meets entrepreneurial spirit”. Now phase 1 of e-Future is accomplished. The idea sketches of the various participants have been submitted and a brain trust, supported by EIGHT and other organisations, has evaluated the ideas.

The participants of the competition step up to the plate to develop a business plan on how to run a quick charging station for e-vehicles. The business plan shall combine additional economic value for the carrier of the charging station and maximum customer value. There are no limits for the participants` creativity.

In the last couple of weeks many idea sketches have be submitted to the TU Dresden, and they are now evaluated with the following considerations:

  • Is the idea coherent?
  • Is the approach inventive, creative and innovative?
  • Is it noticeable how the investments can be refunded?
  • Is there a noticeable strategy that allows to run and market the DC-quick charging station sustainably?
  •  How big is the customer´s benefit from the DC-quick charging station?

Now it was up to the experts to exploit a lot of exciting ideas and to mark the concepts.  Besides EIGHT´s managing director Christoph B. Roessner the following experts are part of the brain trust:

  • Michael Strzyz, Investment Manager, High-Tech Gruenderfonds Management GmbH
  • Mihai Streza, Manager Sustainability Services DACH, Accenture GmbH
  • Michael Hajesch, Corporate Strategy and Planning, CO2 und e-Mobility Strategy BMW Group
  • René Pessier, Scientific Assistant at TU Dresden
  • Sebastian Flößel, Scientific Assistant at TU Dresden

By now, the best 10 ideas have been chosen – the teams have just been informed. On July 4th it´s time for the interim presentations and the nomination of the three finalists. The three best teams will then be selected by a high profile jury.

During the last few days Christoph B. Roessner has checked the concepts of eight teams. Some of the have submitted ideas with exciting headlines like „Rastplatz Plus“, „Digital Media Kiosk“, „Fasttrack Developers“ and „Relax and Recharge“. Now, which teams have made it to the top ten? …. watch this space!

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