Operating Manual 2.0 – User guidance for Point.One is taking form

The purpose of simple and intuitive user guidance is one of the most significant features of our solar charging station. Ever single user shall be able to know and understand what to do during the whole process: from locating the solar charging station, arrival and charging to departure.

As this is a highly complex task we have decided to watch out for experts to support us: the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwaebisch Gmuend (Academy for Design). The HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend is on sixth place at the international red dot design ranking 2012 – which is the best position of any German College. This also means HfG is one of the top players on the global scale as the red dot design award is a worldwide known and highly respected seal of quality.

Together with HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend we have now started a project to develop an innovative and holistic user- and communications concept which combines usability, user-friendliness and high-tech.

As part of this joint project we stick to the following guiding idea: The design of our solar charging station offers a huge potential to guide the user intuitively and understandably through the whole process.  Security and positive emotions shall be the result of comprehensible sequences and lead towards a positive reaction from the user. To make sure that we achieve that goal it has to be obvious at any time what the user has to do next.

To identify potential obstacles in time we will use several methods such as observation, interviews and the analysis of user experiences. By doing this we will also learn a lot about the users’ needs. This will then help us to develop new concepts and to evaluate them from a user´s perspective. At the same time we will do practical tests to review the practicability of the concept. The usability-tests will help to identify deficits and to adjust mistakes.

The intended user-interface will be a crossroads for human, charging technology and vehicles. In our concepts the human will always be the most important element and in the center of all considerations. This is the most important proposition of this project and we are already excited to see the first results!

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