EIGHT nominated for GreenTec Awards 2013

Once more EIGHT and the solar charging station Point.One got nominated for a popular and well established price. The GreenTec Awards 2013 decorate trailblazers which go a step ahead towards a more ecologically aware future. The organizers and the jury nominate and award businesses, technologies, products, innovations and services which make a contribution to save the environment, to reduce pollution and to bring ecological sustainability forward.

The awards create a public platform for innovative products and projects which are designed to spare the natural resources and which prove that sustainability is not opposed to profitability. It is a major goal of the GreenTec Awards to promote economic and ecological dedication and to support the use of environmental technologies. The price giving ceremony will take place on August 30th in Berlin. The event is also known as “Germany´s green carpet” as the guests enter the building by walking over 100% ecological lawn.

To make sure the team from EIGHT will also walk over that green carpet we need your help! Please vote for EIGHT and the solar charging station Point.One in the category “Mobilität”.


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