Companies in good shape: Spectacular architecture transports messages

Headquarters are becoming much more than an aggregation of working-places, more than the control rooms of organizations and more than just highly functional buildings. Especially in the last couple of years many headquarters appear to become a vehicle for image, reputation and corporate communications. Their design and architecture transport messages addressing employees, customers, partners and the overall public.

selection of the world´s most spectacular headquarters has just been published by a jury of six experts from Emporis, a global provider of building information. The company collects data on buildings of high public and economic value, connects them with involved companies and sets standards for this information. The choice of the 15 buildings is not meant to be a ranking but as a range of examples for the variety of commendable building activity. The jury from Emporis has chosen buildings which stand out because of their unique design, force and their functionality within the corporate architecture.

Companies show courage

Besides their economic relevance and the size of the companies the selected headquarters – amongst them BMW and Adidas – communicate the power to innovate and the center of a company´s brand.

“Think about a shipping company and its headquarters at the harbor which is shaped like a canvas.  Or have a look at the new Adidas building and its structure that reminds people of the lacing of a sneaker. There are many things about a company that can inspire architecture. By now an increasing number of companies show the courage to express themselves with eye-catching and extraordinary buildings”, said an expert from Emporis.

Sustainability and innovation

The trend that the experts summarize with their selection is a key element of our approach. The architecture of our solar charging station Point.One is a very important aspect of the product, because the shape and design provide two roles: a technical function and a communicative function.

The BMW headquarters

The BMW headquarters

The fundamental design of the solar charging station Point.One aims to charge electric vehicles with emission-free energy and to provide intuitive comfort. The integration of a light installation shall signalize the status of the station, enable interaction and facilitate an easy and user-friendly handling.

At least as important as the technical function is the benefit of the design regarding communications. The solar charging station Point.One is a spectacular and highly visible statement for sustainable e-mobility, innovation and a responsible lifestyle. This image and this message are very important for an increasing number of companies who have realized that society expects them to be more than just employers.

The new headquarters from Adidas

The new headquarters from Adidas

A solar charging station can be an ambassador

The increasing numbers of inquiries from international businesses which want to enhance their headquarters or several branches with the help of Point.One and who want to support their corporate communications with this impressive symbol ratify our strategy.

Due to our design and production concept which allows us to manufacture of solar charging stations in a CI-compliant architecture we can offer companies maximum flexibility. As part of our current project with BMW we develop a solar charging station that integrates perfectly with the look & feel of BMW Welt. The whole team is very excited about the outcome and we are very confident that more organizations will follow this future-orientated approach.

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