After the kick off – ideas become doings

The press release in which we and our partners have introduced “DC-charging station at Olympiapark” to the public and which was the official starting point of the project has caused a lot of attention. One of the highlights was definitely the article in WirtschaftsWoche, one of the leading business magazines in Germany.

To animate now all our plans and to turn the ideas into doings we have started the process in which we will finalize the design of the solar charging station. It´s our objective to develop a distinctive solar charging station which blends perfectly in the spectacular architecture of BMW Welt and the BMW headquarters – also known as the “Four Cylinder”. Furthermore we want to consider and incorporate as many expectations and demands as possible of all the stakeholders.

That is why in the next couple of weeks we will work out the details for the scenario of a homogeneous system landscape. In the center of our research and elaboration we are looking for answers on how to create a symbiosis of design and technology in a uniform appearance. The final design of the solar charging station will then help the users to easily use the technology and to get a positive perception.

Now, it is time to get things done and to ensure that Germany´s most impressive e-mobility project will meet the high expectations of the public.

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