DC-charging station at Olympiapark Munich – The starting shot

Months of planning, countless telephone conferences and meetings as well as an internal kick off-workshop on 10.01.2013 in Leipzig … the huge project had a huge prelude. But now we are happy that we can tell the public about the great news: Today we distribute the official press release, announcing the project “DC-charging station Olympiapark Munich”, the most spectacular activity since we have unveiled Point.One in 2011.

The topic „e-mobility“ did not get too much positive coverage in German media in the last few months. Unfortunately the big aims and forecasts could not be fulfilled because the change from a mobility system that bases upon the combustion engine to e-mobility has proven to be a highly complex and difficult challenge. The reasons for the struggle are versatile: technology, resources, habits, prejudices, …

Nevertheless today we start, supported by strong partners, to make e-mobility a reality in one of the most successful economic areas of Europe. In a joint project EIGHT, ABB, BMW Group, Deutsche Bahn, RWE, the University of Bamberg, the Federal Defense University of Munich and the Dresden University of Technology develop and construct a DC-quick charging station for electric vehicles at BMW Welt.

From this day on we will employ this website to provide the public with frequent updates and the freshest news about the biggest project in the history of EIGHT.

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