Stupendous start – EIGHT gets awarded by Council for Sustainable Development

Starting at full throttle in 2013 – this is how we could describe the first days of this year. Just two weeks after New Year’s Eve we have received a great message from Berlin: EIGHT gets the seal of quality “Werkstatt N” from the Council for Sustainable Development!

The jury has given the annual award to highly innovative and future-orientated ideas and projects for the third time. “The awarded projects symbolise a culture of sustainability that is more than just a philosophy but reality. We need innovative approaches and committed innovators to find new ways of living to create a sustainable society. They are important role models and show people how to live responsibly, how to treat the environment, how to do business and how to treat each other in a sustainable way”, said Marlehn Thieme, chairwoman of the council.

Jury from all areas of the society

The Council for Sustainable Development has been initiated by the German Federal Government. It consists of 15 experts from politics, NGOs, science and businesses. The major task of the Council for Sustainable Development is to develop ideas for the national sustainability strategy, to identify and name detailed areas of activity and to promote sustainability in public.

Werkstatt N EIGHT

Our profile on the website

Fully focused on sustainability

The seal of quality „Werkstatt N” has been given to us, because we – and our solar charging station Point.One – approach several serious problems: e-mobility still doesn´t get the acceptance it needs and deserves. The reasons are the lack of desirability of the products, the lack of emotionality and the lack of enthusiasm. In addition many solutions don´t offer the level of usability which people ask for. On top of that many people will only switch to e-mobility when they can be 100% sure the energy comes from emission-free resources.

Our approach and our solar charging station Point.One managed to convince the jury: The solar charging station wows people because of its great design, inspires the users and evokes positive emotions. In addition the use of the latest technology enables a high level of user-friendliness. And last but not least, by producing and using electricity from its solar panels Point.One guarantees continuous sustainable e-mobility. This effect gets even stronger because of an energy- and material efficient manufacturing process that only uses construction material with a superior recyclability.

Logo Werkstatt N

Our first award in 2013

By visting Werkstatt N you can find all relevant information about the seal of quality and details about the Council for Sustainable Development are available here. If you want to have a look at our profile on the Werkstatt N-website, just click on this link.

Our interim conclusion for 2013: It may go on like this!

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