Mobilità elettrica meets dolce vita

To be honest: When we are thinking about Italy and traffic, the associations that firstly come to our minds are full of prejudices … chaos, speeding, scooters. We would hardly mention the word e-mobility when talking about the nation with the – for Germans – apparently unbeatable soccer team.

However, even in the country of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati e-mobility manages to gain more and more attention in the public. That is why our conversations with businesspeople and local politicians who we have just met on a several days lasting trip to South Tyrol and Milan were very positive. The meetings and events in northern Italy even included a conversation with a city councilor of Milano, and have been organized by the German chamber of foreign trade and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology. Just a few weeks before the latest trip we have already been on a similar journey, making interesting contacts in Turin.

Knowing the potential of e-mobility

One thing became very obvious during our trip to South Tyrol: The local politicians do not only support e-mobility with subsidies but also ideally, giving strong statements for e-mobility on a regular basis. Of course, here and there you can hear some negative comments, but overall the deciders in Bolzano and Merano are focused on the potential and opportunities of e-mobility.

Train station Milan

EIGHT reaches Milan via train

Hence, the support of e-mobility and the establishment of a fleet of e-vehicles for public transport is a major strategic goal of the politicians in South Tyrol. Today there are already many trendsetting offerings for the local leisure time facilities: The bike rental outlets at the train stations offer e-bikes in large numbers. Also, the Department for Mobility supports the development of specific e-bike-loop roads, where innovative battery-changing-booths and charging stations will be tested. Where it´s possible, regular service will be operated by e-busses.

Combing tourism and sustainable mobility

Most efforts that are made to set up the region for sustainability are integrated with the initiative KlimaLand Südtirol. For a region that depends so much on tourism, e-mobility obviously has some different potential in comparison to areas which are dominated by big industrial facilities. Research and development projects that are focused on the alpine area are already put in place and they are working hard on trendsetting concepts and offerings.

eRallye ADAC

The ADAC eRallye took place in South Tyrol

Additionally, South Tyrol is getting a lot of attention by organizing some exciting events. A couple of months ago the city of Bolzano and the ADAC have started a huge rally for e-cars in South Tyrol: 19 teams with e-cars had to finish five stages, driving energy efficient without preventing the regular traffic.

The relevance of design – nothing new to the Italians

One final finding we made during our trips in Italy encourages us to carry on with our strong focus on design and lifestyle. The people we have been talking to totally agree that e-mobility will only succeed if people get products that are more than just technology. In the opinion of most deciders the offerings of e-mobility have to meet people´s demands regarding design, image and convenience. That´s why the reactions towards our solar charging station have been 100% positive and we are very confident that in future Point.One will help making Bella Italia even a bit more attractive.

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