Industry 4.0 + E-mobilty 2.0 = EIGHT

„We want to preserve the strength of the German industry, but it has to grow together with the new possibilities that come with the internet”, said Chancellor Angela Merkel. “This is why we keep on fostering what we call Industry 4.0.”

“E-mobility will only be successful if it meets peoples´ demands for usability, design and lifestyle”, we keep on saying on a regular basis. “A term that is mentioned more and more often in this context is e-mobility 2.0!”

Research project at federal level

Industry 4.0 describes the merging of the traditional industry with all opportunities of the internet, computing and the service sector. Being a trailblazer in its industry, our closest partner, Kurt Prinzing GmbH & Co. KG, just joined a huge research project on how to integrate cyber physical manufacturing processes into the daily business. It is backed by the Fraunhofer Institute and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


The video team is recording the manufacturing process

To be capable of competing  in the future small and medium-sized businesses have to be open for new developments and technologies. This is the best way to make sure they don´t lose the advantages they have over their competitors from abroad. By joining the Industry 4.0-project Kurt Prinzing can find out how big the potential of that holistic approach really is for a medium-sized business. A couple of weeks ago a TV-team from Deutsche Welle came to Suessen to have a close look at the project. At the moment the tv-station is working on a report that shows how our partner is getting ready for the fourth step of the industrial revolution: cyber-physical manufacturing systems.

As a part of the project at four machining centers data is captured, prepared and analyzed in real time. All this is supported by a data network connecting Kurt Prinzing to a data center at the Fraunhofer Institute. This enables our partner to improve its strategic planning, to shorten its changeover time, to optimize maintenance and to identify the ideal degree of capacity utilization. For a business like Kurt Prinzing, experts for custom-made products, the merging of manufacturing with virtual and networked processes can lead to sustainable advantages in competition and more efficiency.

In its final report the working team “Industry 4.0” which was initiated by the Federal Government is going even one step further. The experts predict that due to the smart factory-approach the contrast between individual manufacturing and the economies of scale in mass production will disappear.


The teams is preparing for an interview with Christoph B. Roessner

Benefits for EIGHT are obvious

The Industry 4.0-project contains  a huge number of opportunities and advantages for EIGHT as well. Although we have already implemented numerous digital technologies in our intelligent platform for development and manufacturing processes we see the potential to realize customized products even more efficiently in future.

We are really excited which findings the Industry 4.0-project will deliver and how we will be able to fulfill the requirements of e-mobility 2.0 with the tools and opportunities of Industry 4.0 – making our solar charging station Point.One an even more competitive product.


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