Bleached out by too much greenwashing? German businesses fail to communicate sustainability

Sustainability reports, CSR managers, eco certificates – all of that seems to be quite useless when looking at the results of a current survey. In one of its latest blog posts WiWo Green reports that 82% of the Germans don´t know a single company which they associate with the term “sustainability”.

Text in clear:  1 out of 5 Germans knows a business that credibly stands for ecology and climate protection as well as social responsibility.

This upshot is even more disappointing when keeping in mind that – on a global scale – the German companies are the trailblazers regarding corporate sustainability. However the PR/CSR/marketing experts seem to fail communicating the commitment and activities of their organisation visibly and believably.

A question of talking – a question of acting?

According to the survey, one of the reasons could be the fact that for many people sustainability is a very abstract term. In addition the initiators of the study reckon that consumers struggle to recognize whether the commitment of a company is serious and authentic or just a PR stand (keyword “greenwashing”).

Survey sustainability

A survey about sustainability reveals the need for change

As a result of that there seems to be a lot of skepticism that even affects businesses who are serious about sustainability and committed to ecology.

The experts from GMK brand consulting suggest that target groups should be defined more precisely and that any kind of corporate communication and advertisement should be more tailored to the topic „sustainability“. An approach that is – in our opinion – more promising is a comment from Andreas Knaut, who said: ”Consumers should be taken much more serious by the businesses“.

Do good and … show it!

In times of permanent noise – called mass communications – it is very difficult for businesses to communicate a highly complex and diverse topic such as sustainability. Friendly words and speeches in front of the employees are not enough to establish sustainability in people´s consciousness. Honestly: That finding is not rocket science.

This is why we believe that the famous quote from Walter Fisch „Do good and talk about it“ is not good enough anymore. From day one, when we started working on the solar charging station Point.One, there is one thing we are 100% aware of: Sustainability has to become visible by providing a new user experience to be perceived by the people and to influence their attitude and acting.

solar charging station

The solar charging station Point.One from EIGHT transports emotions, lifestyle and emissions-free electricity

For that reason we have spent a lot of energy and time developing a unique design and a vast number of features that encourage people to comfortably interact with the solar charging station. In our opinion this is the only chance to make sustainability less abstract and to make it something tangible. Of course, a solution that facilitates this kind of experience has to base upon a completely sustainable concept – let´s say “hard-line green”. This fundamental change, leading towards the implementation of real sustainability, will only be successful when new products and services enthuse people and become a desirable element of a new, sustainable lifestyle.

We are convinced that only these companies, who live sustainability visibly and who make sustainability an experience for their employees, partners and the public will reach their goal: to permanently create the image of a responsible, positive and green business in people´s consciousness.

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