2013 – excitement is just around the corner

To all our partners, friends and supporters of e-mobility,

Just a few days before Christmas and New Year´s Eve it´s time to have a look into the rear view mirror.

  • Did 2012 run the way you´ve expected it to?
  • Did you achieve all your goals?
  • What happened to your New Year´s resolution?

In all likelihood you can look back at a large number of achievements – but there might be still some items left.

However – or maybe especially because of that – now it´s time to define the objectives for 2013, to make plans and to update the omnipresent to-do list. This is exactly what we are doing at the moment.

For EIGHT, 2012 was a very successful and a highly eventful year. According to the Chinese calendar it was the year of the dragon, which is a symbol for luck. Well, that cannot be a coincidence.

EIGHT Point.One

Point.One: a symbol for sustainability and emissions-free e-mobility

Our symbol for sustainable and emissions-free e-mobility, the solar charging station Point.One, has gained a lot of attention in 2012. We managed to make many new important contacts and to improve the product by working on several important features.

A year of jubilees

Now, 2013 is just around the corner. It will be the year of the snake, which represents cleverness. Cleverness – knowhow and smart tactics – is necessary to push the establishment of e-mobility in Germany and other major markets. We will work very hard to achieve that goal. And we are confident that the year will provide brilliant circumstances.

In 2013 e-mobility in Germany will celebrate its 125. Birthday: In 1888 “Coburger Maschinenfabrik A. Flocken” has built the first e-car in Germany. Also the first long-distance trip on a car will celebrate a jubilee. In August 1888 Berta Benz went on a trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim, and back. As the car went out of petrol she had to stop at a pharmacy to get abstergent agent. This was the first refueling stop in history and the birth of the petrol station.

The omen is positive, our team is highly motivated and the objectives for 2013 are determined. We are looking forward to a year, which will hardly be predictable but that definitely promises a lot of excitement.

We hope that all of you can take a deep breath now, slow things down for a few days and the have a great start in 2013 with fully charged batteries.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, yours EIGHT-team!

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