Movilidad Electrica – Promising conversations in Spain about energy efficiency and e-mobility

In the last couple of years Spain became mainly famous for its successful football team and its less successful economy. However the country has made some great achievements in the area of mobility and green energies: Some of the most impressive solar parks can be found in Spain and the country has just sold a huge number of high speed trains transporting the pilgrims from Mecca to Medina in Saudi Arabia.

To learn more about the market, the status quo and the opportunities for e-mobility in Spain we have recently joined a journey to Madrid that was organized by the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain. The business trip under the “Traffic Carrier – Road and Rail” motto consisted of a conference and several individual meetings that have been organized by the Chamber of Commerce prior to the trip. To guarantee access to important organizations and deciders the journey to Madrid was supported by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology.

Conference in Madrid

The trip began with a conference in Madrid

Whilst preparing for the meetings in Spain we noticed quickly that the country might offer good conditions for EIGHT: Due to several national and international laws and regulations the country will have to do quite a lot to increase its energy efficiency regarding car traffic and transportation. Also there are plenty of support programs and subventions for products and services that help increasing energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. It´s worth mentioning that in Spain almost 40 percent of the energy is required for road traffic – and that means that road traffic is highly relevant   to achieve the country’s efficiency goals. One of the most interesting measures: The government subsidizes up to 25% of the price of electric cars.

Christoph B. Rößner

Christoph B. Rößner introducing EIGHT to the audience in Spain

Especially the situation in metropolises like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia is perfect for our solar charging station Point.One. This finding was confirmed by many local experts. Due to the long distances between the large cities in Spain e-mobility will be mainly a topic for the urban traffic. Obviously the difficult economic and financial situation of the country might become an obstacle because the lack of financial resources might have a negative impact on several national support programs.

Nevertheless our conclusion after four days in Spain is mainly positive: The country with its 22 million cars and a well established solar industry offers good conditions for an “e-mobility-ready” infrastructure – and that is good news for us and our solar charging station Point.One. Olé!

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