Renault Twizy: Design + Experience = Success

Electric cars are a failure … or have you ever seen an e-car on the roads of your city? Probably not.

For many years this used to be the undisputed truth. But! Would you ever have recognized if a car was powered by an electric engine? Probably not.

A vehicle that is now on the route to success shows that engineers and designers have learned from the past. The electric vehicle that is recognized to be something extraordinary within the blink of an eye is: the Renault Twizy!

In the first six months of 2012 almost 1.800 Germans decided to become “electric” and bought a Twizy. With such sales the French eye catcher is leaving most competitors far behind. Just look at the e-versions of the Mercedes A-Class and the VW Golf. These cars have exactly the same look as their petrol-consuming twins, and they have been sold way less than 100 times in the first half-year.

Recipe for success

One has to admit that the Twizy is not a fully-fledged car compared to an electric VW Golf, but analyzing the achievement of Renault you can find several aspects confirming some of our key messages:

Design matters!

Being a hybrid between a car and a quad – including the swing doors in Lamborghini-style, it is impossible to not attract attention with the Twizy. The funky e-runabout is a real eye catcher making people turning their heads immediately. For this reason many people have noticed the Twizy on the roads although compared to standard cars it is still very rare.

In addition, not only the Twizy looks good but its design is very useful, too. With 2.13 m length and 1.20 m width the vehicle can be parked even in the tiniest gap.

Joy matters!

The Twizy fully relies on an electric engine, and its power is directly transferred to the rear-axle. That means the moment of force is available immediately. As a result the acceleration of the Twizy is … sporty. The basic version comes with an 18 PS engine and runs up to 80 km/h. The Twizy 45 includes a 5 PS engine and does 45 km/h. Both versions guarantee a lot of fun and an impressive acceleration.

Urbanity matters!

The Renault Twizy was consequently developed and designed für urban traffic and can easily compete with any other vehicle in an urban environment. It offers seats for 2 people and even some loading space. That makes it the ideal solution for commuters that don´t mind the range of approximately 100 km. And keep in mind: The Twizy just needs to be connected to a standard 230V plug, and it is fully charged after 3-4 hours – and ready for another 100 km.

What people want

The Twizy shows that Renault is aware of the needs and desires of the mobile urban population: Lifestyle, sustainability and mobility. And this is exactly the approach we have in common with Renault. We are very confident that this strategy will lead to the breakthrough for Renault, us and the e-mobility industry.

  1. Sass Peress says:

    The Twizy is a success as an urban car. It knows its target and doesn’t confuse itself with other vehicles which are loaded with other features that families normally seek (several seats, lots of boot/trunk space, etc…). For this reason, it will attract a particular demographic very well, just as BMW’s upcoming i3 will do.

    The success of any product is measured by the market’s acceptance. Market acceptance is measured only by sales. Hopefully the Twizy (and the Point.One solar canopy) will prove their success by their sales in the coming months/years. Everything else is simply words or pictures on a screen…

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