It´s getting hot in here – EIGHT gets awarded „Global Hot 100 Company“

Just in time to the of summer, the temperature is rising again because just a couple of days ago we got some great news from Boston: Prior to the „World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship“ in Boston we are now officially named a „Global Hot 100 Company“.

The „World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship“ was founded in 2006 with the help of the UN and the International Chamber of Commerce. Since these days the congress gets supported by international enterprises like Microsoft, Boeing and Cisco as well as by international media partners and the MIT.

Year by year the leading innovators from technology, research and development come together to discuss technological innovations and social trends. Some of the most popular recipients are IBM, Cisco Systems and the Emirates Group as well as Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and the archbishop of South Africa Following that link you find all relevant information about the summit.

Global Hot 100

The first international award for EIGHT

Of course we are incredibly proud being a new member of this exclusive group of individuals and companies. But for us the award is also a huge motivation to be even more active in communicating our key messages. We will try to spread our information more than ever before and educate the public about sustainable e-mobility. This becomes even more important as in Germany some deciders seem to try to slow down the change. We are convinced that our philosophy and our concept is the “way forward” and we definitely will not slow down – we are just ready to speed up!


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