EIGHT gets awarded “Global Hot 100 Company”

Having won national prizes from the German Ministry of Transportation and the Fraunhofer Institute, EIGHT is now getting awarded on an international level for the first time. Prior to the „World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship“ in Boston the company is officially named a „Global Hot 100 Company“.

The „World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship“ was founded in 2006 with the help of the UN and the International Chamber of Commerce. Since these days the congress gets supported by international enterprises like Microsoft, Boeing and Cisco as well as by international media partners and the MIT. Year by year the leading innovators from technology, research and development come together to discuss technological innovations and social trends.

One of the highlights of the summit is the official announcement of the “Global Hot 100 Company”-Awards. That means that 100 international businesses get awarded in the following categories: technology, education, communications, lifestyle, urban development, energy and environment. The prize winners – and for the first time EIGHT is one of them – are recognized by a jury to be highly innovative and future-orientated game changers.

Link to „World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship“ Website

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