Great ideas from Cleardrive – Copenhagenized car mobilty

Maybe the Danish didn´t do too well at this year´s UEFA European Championships, but talking about e-mobility the Vikings are on fire. One great example is a new company called Cleardrive A/S who recently introduced the “allAround” concept to the public. This exciting concept combines e-mobility with smart services and public transport. The team has even come with a clever slogan: Copenhagenize car mobility!

For many people Copenhagen is one of the big cities in Europe that has the capacity to play a leading role for new mobility technologies. For example at Hannover Messe we were told by several experts that the capital of Denmark is the place to look for because there might be some interesting companies. Maybe that is why Anders Kargel, Martin Messer Thomsen and Carl H. Nielsen decided to bring their vision to Copenhagen: Linking the advantages of e-cars, citybikes, public transport, car sharing and taxis to increase the quality of life of the urban population with limiting people´s mobility.

Just like us Cleardrive were visiting EVS26 at Los Angeles to make contact with other companies and players in the e-mobility industry. And this is where we heard of Cleardrive for the first time. So, of course we got in touch and met the guys at the show in the US. This was a great opportunity to get information directly from Cleardrive and to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences.

Less vehicles, less need for parking space, less pollution – more quality of life

Now, what is the idea? International studies show that a paradigm shift is happening, where access to a car will be to prefer rather than car ownership. The reasons can be attributed to the difficulty and cost of car ownership in the city, declining status in car ownership and the desire to carry you through a combination of modes. The same studies show that traditional car sharing replaces between 5 and 20 private cars, each time a shared car is introduced. That means fewer cars in the city, which translates directly to reduced congestion, less need for parking spaces and less pollution.

Initially AllAround will introduce 150 cars in the capital, as well as 25 cars at 5 major train stations in Denmark. AllAround cars are found and booked primarily via a smartphone. Most of the cars will be one-way cars. People will find the nearest car via smartphone, run their trip and drop the car where they want within a defined area.

EIGHT introduces Cleardrive

Cleardrive connects e-mobility and telecommunications

Statistically, there will always be a car within 250-500 meters from the user. But there will also be round-trip cars: They have a fixed location at a company or at a train station. The car must be returned to the fixed location within the agreed time.

But there is another option that we think is really clever: Peer to Peer! All cars used by AllAround will contain car-sharing functionality – even when the cars are sold to individuals. If a private user or a group of users want to make the purchased car to a car-share, they just register the car on the AllArounds website. Then the car will be able to be rented from neighbours, family and local residents and AllAround customers generally. AllAround is responsibles for the booking, administration, billing and insurance.

Maintenance and charging included

All cars in AllAround fleet will be serviced from a service center. Service personnel are kept informed of battery status at all the cars in the city via a smartphone or a tablet. Every time a car comes back to a service center the service personnel will check the car for defects and will clean the car.

AllAround stands out from traditional car-sharing and taxis as we know them today. AllAround integrates the best features from both. The car can be booked for spontaneous one-way trips, e.g. like a taxi ride. The car can act as a flexible alternative for the first or the last part of a train ride. AllAround collaborates with public transport in both the capital and the rest of Denmark. The user can book a car in the same way as you book a taxi – either via app, web or phone. Basically you can say: everybody who owns a smartphone has a car key in the pocket.

smartphones and e-mobility

Smartphones play an important role in the concept

For some time Cleardrive and Danish railways have been developing and designing the national extention of the AllAround project in Copenhagen. Following the request of large companies, AllAround will offer employees a productive alternative to cross the country by car.

And on top of these great ideas, there are several new projects from Cleardrive. One of them is an e-car taxi service. Looking for a ride in the new Tesla Model S? Just call one of Cleardrive´s local taxi partners and enjoy e-mobility in a really stylish and fun way.

Role models

In our opinion the allAround concept could push Copenhagen to the top of the list of European cities that are serious about e-mobility and sustainability. We hope that the people of Copenhagen will use this great offer and make it a success and a real role model for other urban areas. So we say “thumbs up” to our friends in Denmark and fingers crossed for “Danish Dynamite”!

  1. Sass Peress says:

    Another clear example of the value of exhibiting at the show in Los Angeles. Hope this helps EIGHT to sell some carports!

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