Facts, facts, facts – market survey encourages our team

Most people have heard of the “Lucky Punch” – when the inferior boxer suddenly wins the fight with a single random punch that knocks out his opponent.

We have made another decision – and we have chosen not to rely on the lucky punch but to succeed by employing a different means: strategy. For this reason our business plan bases upon a profound breakdown of the market which is getting updated on a regular basis. In addition we are monitoring several studies and research projects from different companies, associations and institutions so we can adjust our strategy according to new circumstances and long term trends.

So far, so good

Now it is time to take the next step. That means we will refine our basic strategy to approach several countries and industries in a much more tailored way. Consequently we don´t go for the lucky punch – we go for the latest information about the market that help us finding answers to all our specific questions, e.g.

  • Which countries have the biggest potential for e-mobility and our products?
  • Are there any large cities which are ideal for Point.One?
  • Which industries and businesses are especially interested in solar charging stations?
  • What matters to the (potential) customers – and users?

To get the answers to these – and many more – questions we have started cooperating with Pforzheim University to start our first huge market research project.

EIGHT at eCarTec 2011

EIGHT at eCarTec

For several months students and researchers from Pforzheim University have identified and analysed several countries and metropolises, questioned companies und did a profound investigation of our major competitors and potential partners.

It´s all about knowledge

In the meantime the contributors have collected and analised a lot of data … and we got many exciting information from the study. Now we know exactly which countries we have to focus on in the next months and which features of Point.One are especially interesting to the people. Now we know exactly the positioning of our brand in comparison to our competitors and which partners might be ideal for us to approach new markets. Now we know exactly which tools we have to employ to succeed in different countries and what it takes to convince people of our concept for emissions-free e-mobility.

Without giving away too much information before we publish the study: The key results tell us that we are on the right path and the study encourages us to be even more proactive when telling people the “EIGHT story”. The market survey proofs that we do offer the right answers to many questions people have regarding e-mobility and sustainability. We will use this knowledge to extend our outreach and to tailor our offers to the market so Point.One becomes the visible symbol for the new lifestyle of e-mobility.

  1. Sass Peress says:

    When will you publish the study? I am sure it will confirm many points that we have made, and perhaps even debunk a few as well. As an avid supporter, we are looking forward to hearing of the first Point.One deployment worldwide. Focusing on specific markets makes perfect sense to be able to invest in those markets with a sniper approach. Great to see you have concluded this.

  2. EIGHT says: (Author)

    We have just received the results – and imediately started working on summarizing the data for partners, prospects and media. However we will wait until mid september (due to summer holidays is most German counties) and then release the results.

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