From Suessen to Umwelthauptstadt – EIGHT joins leading sustainability platform

Innovative and sustainable products and services are very often the result of co-operation, interdisciplinary exchange and networking. Now, with there is a platform that supports all that by bringing together citizens, companies, cities, politics, organizations and any other stakeholder who wants to work on the green change.

Enterprises with sustainable and innovative products get introduced to a broad public and benefit from all advantages of this highly popular platform. To create awareness for all issues around sustainability and to bring together all relevant players covers news from the industry and politics, enables public discussions and announces events that are relevant to sustainability.

Sustainability – a question of responsibility

Looking at the features and the philosophy of, one thing was patently obvious: is a perfect platform for EIGHT. Hence several days ago we have created our own profile on the leading German online platform for sustainability (

The logo of

The logo of

“We use the factor “fun” to approach people and to make them considering responsible consumption and a sustainable lifestyle. The combination of visions, passion and the demand for high quality is our major impulse. We want to make sustainability exciting and attractive to many people”, said Marcus Noack. “By unconventional activities we want to enthuse new target groups for this topic. We also want to find out how people want to live in the future and that is why we encourage and enable all stakeholders to add something to the platform.”

With different offers the initiators of appeal for action and try to integrate the citizens who care about sustainability. The users can join opinion polls and publish comments. On the homepage controversial topics are getting discussed on a regular basis and all new ideas and opinions will be published on social media such as Twitter.

Visions that create solutions

With the initiators of the online platform support a major goal of EIGHT, because to strengthen the green change it is important to promote new and sustainable solutions to a broad public. In addition boosts the dialog and the public debate about sustainability, which also is a goal of many organizations we are talking with at the moment.

EIGHT´s profile on

EIGHT´s profile on

EIGHT wishes best of luck to the sustainability platform and we hope many people will visit and join this exciting opportunity to discuss some hot topics and to come up with new ideas that push the development of sustainable products and services.

  1. Sass Peress says:

    Simply the fact that this generation shows great respect for “zero impact” strategies of life is a step in the right direction for our planet, and in particular the state in which we hand it to our children. Joining sustainability platforms demonstrates your commitment to promoting environmental philosophy beyond simple words. Well done EIGHT…

  2. EIGHT says:

    Interview with Christoph B. Roessner on Umwelthauptstadt:

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