Hotel California – where e-mobility feels like home

Thinking about the USA and road traffic most Europeans immediately have three aspects in mind: endless highways, low prices for petrol and fuel-guzzling SUVs with 22 inch aluminum rims. Well, to many prejudices there is a true element, but at least in California e-mobility has reached a state that cannot be missed anymore.

Just a few days ago many experts from the e-mobility industry met at EVS in Los Angeles (Electric Vehicle Symposium) and there were – and still are – several companies all over California that wanted to meet us. What a great opportunity for EIGHT to travel to the Golden State and learn more about the centre of e-mobility in the USA!

And indeed: Both plug-in hybrids and purely electric driven vehicles are way more than just exotics on the streets – they seem to have become an ordinary part of road traffic in California. E-mobility, the new and sustainable version of individual mobility, is very popular amongst the people of California, which you can also realize when looking at public transport. In San Francisco you can find many hybrid-powered buses, and LA calls itself – for good reasons – the city with the greenest fleet of buses in the US


To have a closer look at where the journey of e-mobility in the US is going, we had to visit EVS. Here, at the biggest event for e-mobility in North America, leading companies and researchers where meeting and discussing the latest developments. Although it is hard to predict which concepts, technologies and companies will come out on top, there is one thing the show has made very clear to us: There are more than enough ideas, motivation and adventurous investors in the USA to facilitate the long term breakthrough of e-mobility.

One thing that got us “electrified”: The typically American confidence to succeed! Everybody we have been talking to was a hundred percent sure that, at the end of the day, their company, their product, their ideas and eventually e-mobility will succeed. Although everybody is aware of the dominance of the “old” mobility in the US hardly anybody mentioned any doubts that the old technology will come to an end one day. The enthusiasm of our American colleagues encourages us even more to carry on following our vision and the concept of Point.One, our innovative solar charging station.

Of course we also took the opportunity to talk to potential customers and partners at EVS – and let´s just say that: … watch this space!


E-mobility and beyond

In California sustainability and a lifestyle that is aware of our lack of resources is going beyond e-mobility, of course. Something that is definitely worth considering for the “Old Word” – or let´s call in Europe: At our hotel we got a discount for every day that we did not ask the room service to clean the towels. What a great idea to make tourists aware of the lack of water and energy!

What about your experiences with e-mobility and sustainable behavior abroad? We are looking forward to your comments


  1. Sass Peress says:

    As your north american partner, renewz was happy to support EIGHTs first trade show event in our territory. The event taught us much about the tremendous opportunity we have together and the exchange of thoughts was lively and yet always positive because of the general feeling that EVs are now here to stay (unlike 100 years ago when oil took over as the favourite propulsion basis).

    We look forward to the next one…

    Sass and Laura

    • Sass and Laura:

      We are pleased to have partnered with you in North America and we are all very excited about the fantastic opportunities for a new sustainable mobility.

      We are looking forward to all what lies ahead of us.


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