First post on our blog

What more could we ask for?

Due to a public holiday in Germany most of us enjoy a couple of relaxed days – which is something our team has been desperately waiting for since we had a really intensive week. Looking back at Hannover Messe we had five days of exciting conversations, made new contacts und good a lot interesting impressions from the industry. From our perspective some of the highlights were the meetings with several VIPs at our stand.

A visit from far north

For example, we managed to confirm a chat with Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action at Hannover Messe. In 2009 she was the host of the UN Climate Summit at Copenhagen and is considered one of Europe´s leading politician for environmental topics. At our stand she was asking Christoph Roessner many questions about Point.One and EIGHT´s mission.

We also got a visitor from Berlin: Wolfgang Tiefensee, the former mayor of Leipzig and German Minister for Transport. He is still working on questions regarding mobility and urban development for the Social Democrats Party in the German Parliament. Several times Wolfgang Tiefensee agreed on our assumption, that e-mobility needs a emotional and visible symbol to become accepted by the public.

Reinhard Bütikofer shows interest

Finally, coming along with many questions and suggestions, Reinhard Bütikofer met Christoph Roessner at our stand. He is one of the most popular politicians of the Green Party in Germany and a former leader of “Die Grünen”. At the moment Reinhard Bütikofer is Vice-Speaker and Treasurer of the “Die Grünen / European Free Alliance” of the European Parliament. The highly experienced politician was especially interested and motivated in discussing questions on how to push e-mobility in Europe.

Point.One at the Hannover Messe

In addition to the meetings with the politicians we managed to have a lot of inspiring conversations with experts and visitors to the fair who mainly got aware of us because of the impressive appearance of Point.One in hall 26. Every single piece of feedback will help us improving details of our concept to perfectly meet the wishes and needs of the public.

Networking is key

Another important finding of Hannover Messe 2012: Networking is key in the e-mobility industry! More than in any other sector the success of e-mobility depends on companies that are willing and able to co-operate with each other developing integrated solutions. There is not one player on the market that has all the knowhow and resources which are necessary to establish e-mobility. That is why we keep on being focused on talking to many experts, other companies, universities and consumers and connect them with each other to make e-mobility reality.

  1. Sass Peress says:

    Great first post Christoph!

    Onwards and upwards we go…from road to roof :)…


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