For ten weeks, our solar charging station can be examined at the international architecture exhibition “Tomorrow never dies” in Stuttgart. Point.One will be one of many spectacular exhibits that the internationally renowned architecture studio LAVA will present in the “Wechselraum”, an exhibition space run by the BDA (the Association of German Architects) in the Zeppelin CarrĂ© in Stuttgart. The exhibition will run from 1 December to 3 February.

LAVA was our partner in developing the product design of Point.One and helped us to create a solar charging station that functions as a strong architectural symbol for e-mobility and sustainable urban development. LAVA’s projects are always a spectacular combination of high-tech and natural forms, providing new approaches and solutions to urban design with people’s needs at its centre.

Visitors to the exhibition “Tomorrow never dies” will be able to learn more about e-mobility, marvel at innovative architecture and cutting-edge technology and take a look at the filling station of tomorrow.


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