Our recent appearance at the eCarTec was a resounding success. There, in Munich, we presented our solar charging station to the general public for the first time. Both the futuristic design and cutting edge technology of the Point.One made a big impression at the trade fair.

The Point.One was one of the main attractions at this year’s eCarTec. Even the super sports cars with electric drives, which are usually the centre of attention, did not manage to steal the limelight from the Point.One. The many conversations we had with people confirmed our assertion that the success of e-mobility depends on the enthusiasm of the public, and that this needs an emotionally appealing symbol.

We therefore more than achieved our goals for the eCarTec. With Point.One we have defined a new product category and positioned ourselves as a groundbreaking company in sustainable e-mobility. We were also repeatedly strengthened and encouraged to pursue our vision by representatives from the sector, the media and visitors. Last but not least, concrete order enquiries gave us the final reason to be very proud of this successful premiere.

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